I’m not sleeping at all well at the moment, for various reasons, and I’ve learned to just get up and do something else rather than lie in bed.

But it does seem a particular kind of madness to suddenly decide that I needed to find all the cats’ microchip details at 4:45 in the morning. And I can’t find them anyway, or not all of them.

[later] Yay – found the Identichip certificates for the two oldest cats. Just EnRon’s to locate now, and I think I know where they are.

[later still] – No, Iggy’s still missing. That’s an arse.

2 thoughts on “madness”

  1. Erm, planning ahead in case I sell the cats into slavery while you’re gone?

    I thought I’d lost Rosa’s brand new certificate this week, after only just receiving it; turned up in a pile of post I had misfiled.

    1. I think the cats are more likely to be the slavedrivers than the slaves 🙂

      No, we were mulling one of those microchip catflaps, and because two of our mob were chipped in 1998, I wanted to see if their chips were suitable. I’ve gone off the whole idea now – the flap needs power, and locks them out if it goes off.

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