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You are an OCELOT! You are very strong minded and you are a great warrior. Even for a small feline that’s the same size as a housecat, you are always getting yourself into quarrels thatyou ALWAYS win. Being tricky and sly is another one of your good traits. You can get away with almost everything!

Which FELINE are you?
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  1. Rarr!

    You are a TIGER! You are the biggest of all cats
    and the strongest. You posess leadership
    qualities. Tigers are capable of swimming very
    well, unlike most other big cats. Most of the
    time, you win your fights or arguments but
    because you are strong physically and mentally,
    it’s difficult to point out your weaknesses and
    enemies. You are very responsible and keep up
    with your duties/chores and look after your
    friends and family.

    Which FELINE are you?
    brought to you by Quizilla

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