more tennis

1 hour 48 minutes last night, and my shoulder hurts this morning. Pushed my skill level up to 584, so pleased with that. Took my fitness age down to 74 (soon it’ll be younger than I am), and ow I think I understand how that works I can get it down quicker, I think.

In other news, one of our sites has been – literally – Slashdotted, so there’ll be an anxious day ahead while we watch that server carefully. Hits Tuesday, 33608, hits Wednesday 679595, first two hours of Thursday, 201772. Fun fun fun.

3 thoughts on “more tennis”

  1. Well, Wii Fit won’t do anything more for you than playing the tennis game enthusiastically does. But one nice thing about Wii Fit is that because it has lots of different minigames, I can give areas of my body a rest if they’re feeling a bit sore.

    1. Oh sure, but it’s a start. I am incredibly unfit, and I plan to use the Wii to get myself in a state where I can *get* fitter, if that makes sense.

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