moroccan style rack of lamb


Ages ago – a couple of years – we bought half a salt marsh lamb for Lots of Money. The meat was beautiful and it was worth every penny, and for some reason the rack remained in the freezer.

We hauled it out on Saturday, with a view to roasting it for Sunday dinner, but when the time came round, we didn’t really fancy it. However, out of the freezer it had come and thus it had to be used up.

So on Sunday night, in the slow cooker, I put four carrots, one courgette and a dozen shallots and a sliced red pepper, together with a glug of olive oil, and left it on low for four hours.

Then on Monday morning, in went some cardamon seeds, pomegranate seeds, a pinch of paprika, a sloosh of tomato ketchup, some apple juice, some water, a load of tamarind paste, and the rack of lamb, cleaved into two. In rummaging through the kitchen drawers at the weekend looking for something, I found some natural cotton bouquet garni bags, so in one of them went bay leaves, savoury, sage and parsley (all from the herb garden). I seasoned with salt and pepper, put the lid on, and left it on low for about 10 hours.

The meat fell off the bones, and the flavour was wonderful. We had it with plain boiled potatoes, as there was plenty of veg in with the meat.

5 thoughts on “moroccan style rack of lamb”

  1. I found some natural cotton bouquet garni bags,

    Where do you get them from. They’re just what I need. I usually tie everything tightly inside a piece of celery with thin string.

    1. I got them from the Kitchens emporium on Whiteladies Road, Bristol. I don’t often venture there, as I always spend far too much.

      A quick Google reveals that they are the same as these.

  2. Sounds like my ideal meal. I love lamb tagines.

    Up by my mothers they graze the lambs on the salt marsh.. must look into buying some lamb next time I’m up.

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