nice weekend

that was a nice one – new minotaurs arrived at 10 a.m., and so of course were immediately installed, and we did some study tidying up too. Then rushed over to Sainsburys to get “a couple of bits” for Saturday’s dinner. Quite how that turned into £110, I’m not sure – but I suppose 6 bottles of wine, a mug rack, a bikkit box and six water filters might have had something to do with it. “Hello dear – did you get the things we needed?”.

dinner was simple – a rib roast of Dexter beef; just put it in the oven and leave it alone for an hour and a half. Served with roast potatoes, carrots steamed with star anise, brocolli and yorkies (obviously). Pudding was my killer choccy moose, with strawberries and ratafia bikkit.

we were joined by agc, who kindly brought a bottle of champagne – shame perlmonger doesn’t like it, but he drinks it just to be sociable. Also present were gmul and purple_peril, who we hadn’t met before, but we like, even though (or more probably, because) she’s entirely mad. She can certainly come again. It’s not every guest who hijacks your bedroom, and emerges dressed as a wicked queen complete with authentic medieval slippers.

purple_peril left us for a while to attend a party in Bristol, and returned about half past midnight, by which time perlmonger had retired to bed (wuss). She and gmul left sometime after 1 a.m., and agc and I sat up and set the world to rights till about 3.30 …

Sunday was therefore a bit of a write off, but I caught up with three episodes of Desperate Housewives (why did nobody tell me about this before?!) and some other schlock TV, and we consumed the remainder of the roast beef for supper, with baked spuds and pickles.

this morning, we find that the ADSL router is dead [sigh] – thank ghod the cable modem just keeps on going.

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