We decided to have a party on 29th May to celebrate the new kitchen, and most emphatically *not* to celebrate the royal wedding.  And it was a blast.

The first guest arrived at 7.30 on Thursday evening, and the last left at noon on Sunday. We fed about 35 people with Indian chicken with coriander, dhal, a french beef and flageolet bean casserole, sausage rolls, goats cheese tartlets, and four different puddings. We went out for dinner with some friends on the Thursday night, and Saturday was spent with a couple of friends who stayed on – breakfast in the Morrocan cafe, the afternoon in the pub with some Twitter folk, followed by leftover casserole for supper, with a straggler turning up at about 9.30, so we stayed up ¬†nattering till 3 …

People came from all over the place, and it was just the best fun – I think we’ll do it all again next year.