off to Scotland

this morning we cracked – or, more accurately, perlmonger did. So we have booked tickets to see Paul Buchanan again, this time in Edinburgh on 25th November. I haven’t been in the Usher Hall in *years*. I haven’t been in Edinburgh since 1986, come to that, despite having lived there for several years, up until the age of 21.

the place had some very bad memories for me from that last trip, but ding, dong, the witch is dead, and I think I can face it now. And it’s a fabulous city.

we plan to have a Grand Expedition, and go on the train – although I can’t even book it for another couple o of weeks because you can’t book further ahead than three months. We shall rent a car for a day, and go visit some of my old haunts in Perth (I lived there too as a child, and went to school in Perthshire for 11 years). I’m really, really looking forward to it all.

in other news, as Merula have done something horrible to my web servers, I’m dickering about, and have accidentally ordered [cough] some stuff from Amazon. It’s a fair cop; society’s to blame.