sossidge samwiches for lunch, made with the chipolatas we bought to feed agc for brekkie on Sunday. Except he buggered off home.

tonight: simple roast chickie!, English asparagus, jersey royals. Fab.

in other most excellent news, I mailed www.tactilepro.com to tell them that the legends were wearing off my wonderful Matias clacky Mac keyboard.

and they said:

Thanks for your email. We did find out, after the fact,
that there was one batch of keyboards with dye trouble. Please email your shipping address and proof of purchase and we will get a replacement out.

which is pretty good, don’t you think?

of course, I can’t find the sodding invoice, but I’ve sent the notification of despatch, and the serial number. That’ll do, surely?

5 thoughts on “oink”

  1. >sossidge samwiches for lunch…
    tonight: simple roast chickie!, English asparagus, jersey royals.

    Mmmmm, can I come and live with you please? 🙂

  2. Send ’em a keycap. Can’t get much more convincing proof than that…

    Mind you, Mac keyboards don’t really have enough keys to spare 8-P

  3. Not a bad reaction. I have worn the letters off both the last two keyboards on my main machine. Actaully, I find it a good way of stopping other people playing with it – in this day and age it’s quite surprising how many people have to look at their fingers as they trype.

    1. Few pepole are taught to touch type these days, which doesn’t help. I think that correct keyboard skills should be taught as part of the school IT curriculum.

      I know that I do sometimes look at the keyboard, but not as much as I used to.


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