OK – I've cracked

It was very cold last night for September. It was very cold this morning, and the house felt .. damp, somehow. I’ve been cold all day, despite wearing a cardigan, and wooly feet – the wind is blowing the wrong way.

So that’s it – I’ve switched the boiler back to rads, and we shall be warm this evening. And bugger the expense.

2 thoughts on “OK – I've cracked”

  1. It was very cold here last night too.

    In fact it’s cold today and I have reverted to my winter uniform of baggy jersey trousers, T shirt, cardie and thick socks, but still I feel cold. Like you, I feel that the house is not exactly damp, but dank, maybe.

    We have someone coming on Saturday to install the new heated towel rail in the bathroom, but in the meantime the old radiator is hanging from a thread and we can’t use the central heating because that radiator will leak; we can’t turn it off, because that’s the way the system works.

    We can’t, therefore, put the heating on until the work is finished, and I’m reluctant to do so even then because our fuel bills are now so high that they are our major expenditure.

    Yesterday I tried to get a bargain Aldi power monitor but they all sold out on Sunday, the day they went on offer, so I’ nervously using the oil-filled radiator in the sitting-room for a couple of hours at a time and hoping it doesn’t cost too much to run.

    I think I shall have to find the portable gas stove – it may be in the shed – and see if I can remember how to operate it.

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