Our village in the news

We drove through Long Ashton yesterday morning at 7.15, to find six or seven police cars in the main road, and a fire engine. We didn’t have time to stop, and there was nothing on the radio news about it.

We drove back through at about 2.30 p.m. Still lots of police cars, two outside broadcast units, and a huge police incident unit in the Co-op car park.

Very sad case – man set fire to his house, then hanged himself, , 6 year old child died 🙁 I know it’s a cliché. but I just wouldn’t expect it to happen *here*.

More details from BBC news, and from The Times here.

3 thoughts on “Our village in the news”

  1. Was just reading about this in the Metro on the way to work. Very sad… What is it about this area at the moment. First there was the bloke who jummped from the balcony on holiday with his kids, now this..

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