out and about

busy, busy – hurtling round Bristol and its environs:

  • first to Bedminster, to take three boxes of books, some PC games, and a binbag of clothes to the CPL charity shop; a worthy cause, and a visit long overdue. There may just be a chance the server box room may surface again soon
  • thence to Aldi; I love Aldi. We actually managed to spend £44, on diverse things like dishwasher tablets, jars of roast peppers, tinned fish, red wine, bikkits, pasta, etc. If you’re careful what you buy, they are terrific value.
  • next, into town, to visit Colsonall box office. Tip of the hat to flickgc, who gave me the heads up about the always fabulous Richard Thompson’s upcoming tour. We have seats in the middle of the second row of the stalls. W00t, and indeed rar!
  • from there, we travelled up to Gloucester Road, where I purchased 2 kg of belly pork in the organic butcher (you don’t seem to get this in stupormarkets, and I want it for cassoulet, and the rest can go it the freezer). We also did the greengrocery run up there, consumed an organic lamb burger with cheese from the barbecue outside the aforementioned butcher (always good), bought some of the gorgeous stem ginger in chocolate from the Scoopaway shop, and Pete got some squit mushroom paté innatube. Also got a new bin for the bathroom (hello dear – did you get the things we needed?).
  • then down to the farm shop at Chelvey to buy a sack of onions and a sack of red shallots, plus a hunk of Montgomery cheese for perlmonger, some scones, some Green and Black’s almond choccy [drool]

just sitting down now with a Nice Cup of Tea, before perlmonger wall mounts the 18″ flattie, to give Iggy back his desk space, and stop him thwipping everything off my desk in a temper, then doing battle with the Tivo / Freeview.

I shall be cooking stir fried duck with mushrooms tonight, and making a vat of spiced red cabbage to go with tomorrow’s meat loaf. I like weekends.

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