I bought two pairs of shoes from Lands End. Both flat pumps, both US size 7.5,

one pair fits, the other is too big. Most irritating, as I will have to pay to send back the too big pair, Sizing is a complete mystery, don’t you think?

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  1. Triangle-Man versus Squareman™

    Yes! Levis Trousers (for me a size 32″) are in reality a 34 with a weird “bell topped” cut (I measured the waist) so I get a 30″. OTOH GAP size 32″ are really a 31″, but they do a 33″ waist which fits my 32″.

    US Shoes are one size bigger than EU/UK so US 11 is a 10, but after exercise I dropped a size so get a UK9 but Clarks are best at 9.5, Timberland are best at 9 also but Doc Martens boots are best at 9. Army Surplus is anyone’s guess. Augh!

    Shirt sizes: Medium is too large in the chest (a 42-43)but the waist billows about as it is cut for squareman™; Small is good in the middle but too tight on top FFS! XS GAP vests fit me but the women’s vests have a better cut as the men’s cuts are all too big in the armpits and extend outwards (squareman™) women’s tees sometimes have a hip that pulls in nicely at my hip.

    Variations inter-sample as you found with Lakeland (and this is the case with many many others) means I just don’t do mail-order anymore. Its too big a gamble.

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