phew …

Pete woke up this morning not being able to see very well out of his right eye. It had started yesterday, and got worse overnight.

so he phoned NHS direct, who were wonderful – asked lots of questions, then said someone would phone him back “within three hours”. It was about ten minutes.

after asking more questions, they suggested that he contact the nearest eye hospital forthwith, as it sounded as though it was possible that he had a detaching retina. Aaargh.

so he phoned, and got an appointment for 2 p.m. *Today*. And got there, and was eye-dropped and examined, and out again by 2:50. And it’s just badgerdom – a floater in his eye.

for which, much relief. But that’s the first cause either of us have had to use any sort of emergency NHS in years and years and years – and we were enormously impressed with the speed the matter was dealt with.

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    1. I think it helped a lot that we have a dedicated Eye Hospital in Bristol – if we’d had to go to standard casualty, I suspect we’d have been there still.

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