pork terrine with bubble and squeak

using up: pork terrine, cooked cabbage, an elderly swede

I made a lovely pork and spinach terrine as part of the Christmas Fayre, but what with us being unwell, we didn’t eat much of it. I put half in the freezer, but I was a bit concerned about the piece remaining in the fridge, but what to do with it?

We cut it into chunks, and hurled it in the Remoska – how I love that thing! Boiled up potato and half a swede, then roughly mashed them in the pan (no milk or butter). Put more beef dripping than is probably good for us into a frying pan, and added the mashed veg, and the cabbage. Patted it all down into a sort of cake, and then the tricky bit – leave it alone. It’s very tempting to stir it about, but I find with B&S that you need to just let it cook and brown. You can flip up the edges, of course, to see how it’s doing. When it’s brown, turn it over in installments, so there are plenty of crispy bits.

I ate mine with lashings of tomato ketchup, while Pete (who is peculiar) had Lee and Perrins with his.

Originally published at Reactive Cooking.