progress of a sort

Well, she survived the night. The vet nurse said she really didn’t expect her to, and that she was probably two hours away from death.

She’s not out of the wood yet, as they keep stressing, but her fluid levels are much better, she’s having antibiotics through her IV, her temperature is up to normal (she was very cold), and she’s now taking high calorie food through a nose tube. We’ve just been over to see her, and she looks dreadful, but possibly marginally less dreadful than she did yesterday. I don’t think she really noticed we were there, but I’m glad we went. They’ll phone us if there’s any change for the worse tonight, or if not, then tomorrow morning.

Oh, and of course, they’re all in love with her. People always are.

While we were up in the Gloucester Road area, I went into Brewers Droop (isn’t that a great name?!) and got the rest of the winemaking kit I need, having picked up a Freecycled lot earlier this week. Popped into Maplins for a couple of USB sticks for a potential project and popped straight back out – £14.99 fpr 2Gb!

Fish pie and a very early night for us – we’re both exhausted.

10 thoughts on “progress of a sort”

  1. I can imagine that you are exhausted.

    I am so hoping that things work out well. I am glad she made it home last night and to the vet’s office. It’s good that her temperature has gone up. Poor dear. Keep us informed.

    She really is beautiful – what kind of cat is she?

    What kind of wine are you making? We make fruit wines from the fruit in the garden and also use kits to make a table red. I want to try making a white wine.

    Anyway, I hope you can get some much needed rest tonight.

    1. She’s a Burmilla – cross between Chinchilla and Burmese. She is a little lion 🙂

      Off to bed now – thanks for the good thoughts; much appreciated.

  2. I hope she makes it!

    Steer well clear of Maplins, most of their stuff is grossly over-priced. SVP are pretty good for memory sticks,

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