rather him than me ..

it’s now reached the balmy heights of -1˚ out there – and the window cleaner is his ladder, doing his stuff – he must be *frozen*.

I offered him a hot drink, but he declined.

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      1. Annoyingly, I can’t whinge about how cold it is here at the moment. A few weeks back it was -18, but today the sun is out and it’s a positively Caribbean +6 degrees!

        1. We even had snow yesterday!

          Albeit only briefly and only that horrid gritty stuff which disappeared in very short order. But it was snow! 🙂

          1. I thought it had snowed in the night as there was a 3mm layer of icing sugar over everything this morning. When I got out of the car there were little sparkly bits floating about in the air. But it wasn’t snow, it was thick frost. It must have been quite cold overnight.

  1. I work on Waterside Drive, Aztec West. If you switch the Google view to the aerial photo, the two dark blobs are the duck ponds outside the office (hence the “waterside” bit).

    Today was Fish Testing Day. Two guys in waders were standing waist-deep in the floating ice. Even the Canada geese had climbed out onto the grass. They had the wonderful job of wading through the half-frozen pond with a big net, netting the fish. I’ve no idea how old or how heavy these were, but a netful of fat two-foot long carp is quite a plateful. When they’d pulled two dozen of them to the side they selected half-a-dozen to go in the Big Bucket O’Doom. From there they’d be taken away to the Lab for Testing.

    I have no idea what Fish Testing is. I presume it’s some sort of piscean 11+, where they’re tested to see which of the big ponds they move into next. Can they go to the posh pond with the swans, or do they get thrown into the Frome with all those rough pike from Southmead?
    Anyway, something like that…

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