returned from Costco

Did quite well, really – 96 tins cat food, 2kgs of unsalted butter (which goes up every time), a pack of kabanos, 1 dozen bagels, 8 part baked baguettes, 1 gammon, 1 4pack of pancetta cubes. £102. Nothing we hadn’t planned for, which is rare.

Apart from*

which are *exactly* what I wanted, being both polarised and reactolites. £89.99 inc VAT; this turns out to have been a bit of a bargain, as a quick Google brings forth prices between £130 and £160. They’re Serengeti Merano Brown Fade, should you care. I’m sure you don’t.

* Actually I had planned to at least look at sunglasses. I need reading glasses too, but they didn’t have anything I liked.

And now I’m off to shoot the ice cream vendor, whose Popeye the Sailor Man is played at what I’m sure is illegal decibels, and is so distorted that it offends my ears.