Ron helping me work

Ron helping me work

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He was all over my desk this morning, chewing cables when he thought I wasn’t looking, thwipping things under the keyboard, and generally being bad in a rather charming sort of way.

He’s very black, as you may notice. And exceeding charming 🙂

One thought on “Ron helping me work”

  1. I get lots of assistance with my desk organiation. Esp from Tuppence who likes her space and doesn’ like “stuff” in it so is entirely likely to floor any piles of paper, kit, even the keyboard, if it happens to be where she wants to be. Mainly this involves throwing stuff out of the intray – which is showing signs of no longer being capable of supporting her.

    THe most annoying thing is the digital signing of documents – the number of invoices we send out or, in dire cases, re-print, becuse of muddy paw prints…

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