Ron on the shelves

basement kitteh gets filed

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They grow ever bigger, and ever more exploratory. Today Ron spent time on the speaker mounted on the wall above my desk, then moved to sit on the box files on shelves a bit further along.

He’s a big like Gollum in some respects – all limbs and clinging. And he’s gorgeous.

In other news, he is now coming in and out the window with aplomb. Henry has just – as of yesterday – decided he will come in that way. He’s not at all happy about exiting, but that will come.

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One thought on “Ron on the shelves”

  1. I’ve seen ours come in the bedroom window with a mouse, with a shrew, with a squirrel on one occasion, but not yet with a plomb.


    During their first summer when they were still really kittens, I came in from the garden having been picking the damsons and Hercule came in a while after… and deposited at my feet a single damson I’d missed.

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