round of applause

to Hotel Chocolat. I ordered two boxes of stuff, and last night I found a package outside the front door – odd, as we were in all day.

it was all overwrapped with grey tape and polythene, and when I opened it, there was *one* box of chox inside. We get [cough] quite a lot from there, and I’ve never seen it packed like that, and the despatch note said there should be two boxes. I spent 10 minutes on their customer care line, and then had to go out for xmyth drinkies with neighbours.

got back on the phone at 8 this morning and explained the situation, and they are going to replace the missing box (which was sent) via their gold courier service, and while they couldn’t promise, they should be here in time.

bloody good service, I thought. But I’d better buy some more choccies just in case they don’t arrive, don’t you think?