Sarah Palin

India Knight, in today’s Times

“my theory about the American public’s initial burst of enthusiasm for the vice-presidential candidate hinged on the fact that she looks like a porn star in some scenario involving a library, the unclasping of hair and the removal of glasses”

She’s right, you know …

Oh, and $22,800 for her makeup artist, for a fortnight.

2 thoughts on “Sarah Palin”

  1. Of course I wouldn’t know …

    … but a “friend” tells me that there are videos out on the adult sites that have added Sarah Palin’s name to videos with a dark haired bespectacled librarian/”hockey mom” as a principle character … !

    And darn cute she looks too!

    … I’m told …


  2. Yeah, it’s a cute and witty comment…but what people here in the US tell me is that the initial public reaction to Palin was in fact based on the speech she made at the nominating convention – that no one knew anything about her and she made the best speech of the four candidates.

    The porn fantasies kicked in later.


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