6 thoughts on “say no to ID”

  1. Good job it’s up and running now; the following has appeared on the petitions.pm.gov.uk site within the last three hours;

    There has been a huge response to this new service, with nearly 500 petitions submitted in the first couple of days. As our terms and conditions explain, we are obliged to check them all before they can be published on this site. This is to ensure that, for example, they are not party political, obscene or libellous, as these are prohibited by the law and the Civil Service Code. So far, we are finding that the great majority of petitions can be published without any problem, and more are being added to the site continually. However, we have been obliged to send back to users a few for reasons explained in our rejections section. Organisers then get a second chance to modify their petition to fit it within the rules. We are also considering a number pf petitions which raise legal questions or other issues (everything from apparent false names and addresses, to apparent libel, to product placement, to requests for money). Obviously, these will take more time to vet, but we still aim to respond to all petition organisers within 5 working days.

  2. Duly signed and passed on to the usual suspects at work.

    Let’s just suppose that an ID card is introduced, I just hope that it is administered better than HMR&C. I wandered into the ‘Tax Office’ in Sheffield to find out what documentary evidence they need for a name change. I needed nothing other than knowing what my NI number is, my DOB, current address and employer.


  3. Petitions

    I gather that petitions only count as one objection to something, while every letter counts individually. Or so Sir Humphrey believes.

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