Regular readers will know that, after a threat, then a diagnosis, of type 2 diabetes, I’ve been trying to lose weight. In fact, I’ve been shrinking steadily for some months, but it has been accelerating of late, and I’ve dropped two full sizes.

This morning, I had a rummage through the trouser drawer, and put six pairs into a box under the bed, as they are all so loose that an Embarassing Incident might occur should I wear them.

Then I decided to look at the skirts; I don’t often wear skirts, and not at all this winter after the unpleasant interaction with the wheelie bin, which rendered my left big toe nailless for a while, and exceeding painful. It transpires that I have precisely 1 skirt now that fits me; even my lovely East brown velvet one has gone from being too tight to too loose without me even getting one more wear out of it …

The one that remains is sage green corduroy, and not even slightly suitable for summer wear, so I suppose I’ll have to go shopping. Most women would go “yippee!”, but I hate shopping. eBay, I think don’t you?