snoozing in the spring sun

I just went downstairs to fetch the washing in from the line (and how nice to be able to dry it outside!), and passed four cats snoozing peacefully in the living room; Mustrum was up here in the study.

I can’t tell you how nice it was, as last evening we were worried enough about Henry to phone the VetLine that came with his insurance. He had been extremely sick during the afternoon – the entire contents of his fat little tummy – and then a little later, again, but just bile that time.

We weren’t too bothered at that – he’d had a trying couple of days, anaesthetic, pain killers, car journey, operation, NO FOOD for several hours. He’s not a sicky cat, though – we’re not aware of him having ever vomited before. No, what caused us real worry is that he refused his waffer thin chickie – that was enough to make us concerned.

So, as we had the phone helpline, I thought I’d give them a try. And they were great – the very first question they asked was the phone number, so they could phone us back if we got cut off. It was an 0800 number, and I had a vet nurse on the phone for about 20 minutes – can’t fault the service.

She agreed with us in the end that it was just All Too Much, and that Tuesday’s rather overenthusiastic troughing upon his return from the vet had quite a lot to do with it. But she was very thorough, and logged it all.

Not just pet insurance – this is Marks and Spencer pet insurance. Well impressed.

And Henry has eaten like a small grey furry hog today, so clearly he’s OK again 🙂