so that was it …

I cooked a lot, and we watched a lot of movies (and I ate a lot of Maltesers, and there are *still some left*. And that was it, really 🙂

We slobbed out on The Day, and scoffed roast goose and trimmings. The Tivo spectacularly failed us, omitted the second half hour of the Doctor, and the last five minutes of W&G. Bad Tivo, but they will be round again.

perlmonger was incubating a cough and sore throat, so after our guest had been decanted on Boxing Day, we vegged in front of the television. Casino Royale from Lovefilm, which was really quite good. Madagascar (which wasn’t) and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (which was far better than we expected) on the television. And then on Saturday afternoon we embarked on something we’d been promising ourselves – all three extended Lord of the Rings movies back to back. We managed two on Saturday, and the last one yesterday, and then we started on the extras on the Return, as we’d never watched them. One DVD to go!

During this televisual marathon, we were generally accompanied by all five cats, so hopefully they are settling down together.

And that was it. I plan to continue doing absolutely nothing for the rest of the week, as we both desperately need a break. Will be cooking up a storm on Wednesday for our traditional NYE gathering, but other than that, more slobbing.

Posts re xmas fud and this year’s books will be coming along soon. Ish.

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