4 thoughts on “still despairing”

  1. He was interviewed on various BBC radio programmes this morning and some of the comments worried me. He proposes giving the police power (wihtout court involvement) to ban people from city centres; to increase the period of detention for terrorist suspects (that John Denham and the Home AFfairs committee members interviewed last week argued that the 28 day period was sufficient following the conviction last week (which was itself based on material obtained within a 14 day detention period) seemed not to be commented on by the interviewers); to allow the police to administer more on the spot fines. Gesture politics – to appear tough on crime and to satisfy the Murdoch press and the Mail. It is a modern political tragedy that the Conservative shadow home secretary appears more liberal than his Labour counterpart – although we have been used to that in recent years.


    1. I find the whole thing profoundly depressing – and so many sheople will support it, in an “Innocent Have Nothing To Fear” stylee.

      I loathe what is happening to our society.

    1. Actually, it would. Think of all the swingeing new measures which would go through unopposed as a result.

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