waiting …

Aliss (in icon) hasn’t been well – I haven’t posted here, but I did put it on the catblog.

I took her back to Vim the Vet on Wednesday of last week. She hadn’t put any weight on, and he was a bit concerned, so he gave her an anabolic steroid shot to kick start her and said he’d see her in a month.

She’s been eating like a horse, but got thinner and thinner. perlmonger and I resolved that we would give her food she liked, keep her warm and comfortable, and give her lots of love and fuss. She didn’t get meatier, but she has been bright-eyed, and happy to see us, and sat on laps in the evening, apart from scoffing huge quantities of expensive little tins of fud.

Until lunchtime today, when she didn’t want her waffer thin chicken. Then didn’t want her Highlife Tuna or her Gourmet Selection prawn and tuna. She’s given up, I think – she’s lying oh her side by the sofa, and we’re just waiting for the end. If she makes it through the night, I’ll be amazed, and I’ll call the vet for a home visit in the morning if need be.

We are not putting her through what Bada went through in her last days. So we’re not going to see Jeremy Hardy tonight – we’re keeping vigil with our Aliss.

gardening with cats

gardening with cats
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we went and bought the plants this afternoon for the baskets and hanging planters. Here they are, complete with furry helpers.

everything is now planted (apart from the growbag’s tomato and pepper plants). And, as generally happens to me, I was out watering these bloody baskets in torrential rain, with thunder and lightning overhead.

thank *you*, weather ghod.