an oddity with my Apple watch

apple watch

I love my Apple watch – it tracks all my activities, and saves me having to drag my phone out for everything; in fact, I keep my phone on silent these days.

So when, last week, it had recorded only 190 steps for a trip of over half a mile, I thought it odd. But it seemed a one off. Then Sleep Watch stopped doing what it was supposed to, and said I hadn’t slept at all on Monday night. I dug into my Heart Rate Analyzer to find that I was apparently dead.

So clearly something was amiss, but it wasn’t hardware so far as I could tell – if I loaded the heart monitor on the watch, it worked, it just didn’t keep working.

I rebooted the watch – no difference. I rebooted the iPhone – no difference. I unpaired and repaired them – no difference. In the end, I wiped the watch, and set it up as a new one, which seems to have done the trick. I have reinstalled very few apps, and will wait until I’m confident it’s working properly before adding any more back, but it does seems OK now.

All most odd.