season of mists and mellow wossnames

As regular readers will know, it has been my wont through the summer to go out for an early morning bike ride. I went out yesterday for the first time since the previous Wednesday (25/8), and what a difference … Autumn has arrived while I wasn’t looking.

I took a thin cardi and never took it off, there was a heavy mist which didn’t burn off till about 7 a.m., and it won’t be long before I need lights at 6.30. There’s a real sharpness to the air now, and the days are becoming noticeably shorter.

Not that I mind – autumn is my favourite time of year, and if we’re lucky we get lovely sunny days and crisp nights. Must find time to go brambling on Sunday!

OK – I've cracked

It was very cold last night for September. It was very cold this morning, and the house felt .. damp, somehow. I’ve been cold all day, despite wearing a cardigan, and wooly feet – the wind is blowing the wrong way.

So that’s it – I’ve switched the boiler back to rads, and we shall be warm this evening. And bugger the expense.

signs of autumn

signs of autumn
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this weekend is geoffcampbell‘s annual Summer Camp, a gathering of bikers, bofhen, and friends; it’s one of our absolutely favourite weekends of the year, and heralds the end of the summer for me.

stalking Iggy round the garden with the camera this lunchtime (without much success in terms of good photographs), I noticed that the Virginia Creeper we planted to cover up the hideous pebbledash on the shed is just starting to turn. And there’s a nip in the air morning and evening. Autumn seems to be arriving a little earlier this year, and that suits me fine.