weekend 15/16 october 2011

Bridlington south beach

October? How the hell did it get to be October?!

The weather forecast for Saturday was lovely, so we decided to believe it, and headed up to Bridlington. I love Brid – it’s a nice little town with a lovely beach, both north and south. There’s a new park and ride, so we pulled in there, to find they charge ¬£3.50 per vehicle – quite refreshing after Bristol, who charge per person, which is just the maddest thing if you’re trying to discourage traffic. During the summer, this entitles you to a ride on the Road Train, which I’ve never been on, but as it ends in September that’ll have to wait till next year. But we caught the bus, which deposited us by the harbour.

We had a mooch round the town – I popped (or nipped) into the local SpecSavers and got my new photochromic glasses adjusted for fit, Pete bought a pair of shoes [faint]. We can’t actually remember, either of us, when this last happened, as he simply doesn’t understand shoes. I resisted several nice pairs, because I am wanting a concertina. Yes, I know. We had lunch in a little cafe, I bought some knitting wool on the market, and some enamel cookware in the wondrous Boyes, then we walked back the mile and a half to the car park along South Beach, which was entirely lovely in the sun.

We stopped off at the fish shop in Skirlaugh, and bought two coral frags – our ration for the month. Pete was out with mates in the evening, so I had a reality TV fest with Strictly and X-Factor.

On Sunday I woke up at 9.30 Р unheard of for me Рnot feeling very well at all, with a sore throat and a real muzzy head. I made breakfast (in the Remoska Рworked beautifully!), then laboured over a beef casserole, and that really finished me for the day. Poor Pete was working Рurgent job for a client Рbut having had to wake me a few times, he eventually sent me to bed at 8, and I slept right through till about 7.30 the next morning. Still feeling a bit groo, but on the mend now.


The Northern Lights were in my mind

Bridlington south beach

There were rumours that the solar flares could cause Northern Lights in the sky as far south as Yorkshire last night, so Pete and I decided to drive up the coast a way and see if we could see them.

We went to Bridlington, and the sky was clearing all the way there. We parked up and went for a stroll up to North Beach, and were sidetracked by the menu at Jerome’s – they had a burger with mozarella, blue cheese and mushrooms! We stopped, ordered one for me, and a Texan burger for Pete. Disappointing – the burger itself was very nice, but the bun was a bit stale, and the cheese and mushrooms were very spartan indeed.

We wandered back, walked along the harbour wall, then down South Beach for an hour or so – lovely evening, but still a lot of cloud, and it wasn’t really beginning to get properly dark at approaching 10 p.m. So we came home.

Apparently there were no lights in the sky last night anyway, but we had a lovely evening out, so that’s alright!