gosh …

I bought this Hobbs skirt from eBay – I’ve never had Hobbs before, but now there’s so much less of me …

It’s arrived, it’s gorgeous, it’s a size 14. ¬†And it’s *too big*! But it’s so lovely, and cost a fiver including postage, that I’m going to have it altered.


Regular readers will know that, after a threat, then a diagnosis, of type 2 diabetes, I’ve been trying to lose weight. In fact, I’ve been shrinking steadily for some months, but it has been accelerating of late, and I’ve dropped two full sizes.

This morning, I had a rummage through the trouser drawer, and put six pairs into a box under the bed, as they are all so loose that an Embarassing Incident might occur should I wear them.

Then I decided to look at the skirts; I don’t often wear skirts, and not at all this winter after the unpleasant interaction with the wheelie bin, which rendered my left big toe nailless for a while, and exceeding painful. It transpires that I have precisely 1 skirt now that fits me; even my lovely East brown velvet one has gone from being too tight to too loose without me even getting one more wear out of it …

The one that remains is sage green corduroy, and not even slightly suitable for summer wear, so I suppose I’ll have to go shopping. Most women would go “yippee!”, but I hate shopping. eBay, I think don’t you?

life laundering

a bag came through the door – from the British Heart Foundation, I think – asking us to fill it with “clothes and bric a brac” for their charity shop.

given that I had been cruelly encouraged by kalunina to buy a load of new clothes at the weekend, I decided to have a sort out.

four bags of clothes, and a box of shoes (yes! throwing away shoes!) for BHF, and a bag of stuff that really couldn’t be given to anyone. Even Pete shed some of his beloved, but ancient and worn out, shirts, and a couple of suits.

now there’s loads of room on the clothes racks, so I can go and shop some more!


yesterday perlmonger, kalunina and self went to Bath. We decided to use the train, so obviously there were engineering werks, and we were transported by coach; so instead of the journey taking 12 minutes, it took 35-40. Still, it saved the hassle of trying to park, and so was worth it.

after half an hour, we split up – there’s only so much mother and daughter poor perlmonger can take when it involves credit cards. We had a good mooch around, and when we met up again, we were carrying bags from Russell & Bromley, Monsoon, Jones the Bootmaker, Marks and Spencer, and Next.

clearly I fancy a change of image, as I bought skirts(!) and fitted tops (!!) – all very odd. As an example, I bore home this skirt from Monsoon – it’s not at all the sort of thing I’d normally wear.

it has to go back, though – it’s the wrong size. It’s *TOO BIG*. Which is pretty amazing, because this time last year I couldn’t get into a Monsoon 18, and now it hangs off me. Well chuffed.