a walk in the park

We took a stroll after lunch today, as I’m trying to do *something* exercise-ish each day, and I slept this morning until the unspeakable Anne Atkins burst forth on Radio 4.

Killing two birds, etc., we wander through Pearson Park, stopping to see the ducks, and then encountered a chap in an electric wheelchair, looking as though he wanted to cross the road, and a rather confused looking woman behind the wheel of a Disco trying to work out what to do. It was clear that the wheelchair man was in trouble, so I asked if he needed any help – he did, his battery was flat.  So I pushed him over the road, his chair carried him along the pavement, and then Pete pushed him up the ramp to his (thankfully) nearby retirement home.  The chap could hardly breathe, nor speak, but reeked of cigarette smoke; I guess some people just never learn.

We were en route to Beverley Street swimming pool; it’s the nearest one to home, and I wanted to know how long it took to walk there (about 15 minutes, it turns out). Lovely place, built in 1903 – a real municipal baths, with dark green tiled walls, stained glass, etc. The pool looks nice too, so I must get off my arse and go swimming again – the walk there and back, together with a half hour swim, will be great exercise.

I’m writing this while waiting for roast veg to cook – aubergine, sweet potato, yellow pepper, butternut squash and garlic, with some middle eastern spice and sesame seeds.  And next – Glee.  Love it.

making good use …

jam tarts

… of the oven. I’m trying to cook in a different style – more on the hob, and less lighting of the big oven unless I can use it for more than one thing. I have a decent oven in the microwave, so I use that more now as well.

We were supposed to be going out last night, but one of the cats is unwell, and we didn’t want to leave her. Of course, we had nothing planned for supper, so we pulled the last tub of chilli from the freezer (must make some more!), and as it was frozen solid, I set it in a small cast iron casserole in a low oven to thaw …

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fusion risotto

Now, this really was quite barking, and I wasn’t at all sure it would work, but nothing ventured, etc.

As I said, there was more duck left on the carcass than we thought, so risotto seemed appropriate. Basic rule of risotto in this house is 5 oz risotto rice to 1 pint liquid; the liquid can be anything you like, or a permutation there of – stock, wine, lemon juice, water. So, I thought, in a mad, end-of-the-week sort of way, why not use up the bit of coconut milk left from the spring greens the other night …

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