sausage supper

is very fond of kabanos sossidge for his luncheon, which we buy in bulk from Costco. However, the trip before last, they had no kabanos (and no Beurre Isigny either, which was a bit of a blow), so he bought a few packs of sausage from one of the Polish shops. They weren’t nearly as nice, and some of them have languished in the fridge and need using up.

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weekend 19/20 april 08

Never set foot out of the house. Made a batch of bananananana muffins on Friday night, and then we ate far too many of them, and both had a nasty sugar hit overnight. Serves us right.

Saturday, made soda bread for lunch, which we had with the previously mentioned chickie! soup. Supper was pork and pineapple – I went into autopilot while I was making it, and did a load of ginger, which isn’t actually in the recipe. Was still delicious.

Sunday was toasted soda bread for breakfast, and a moussaka for supper, followed – foolishly – by a plum crumble with ice cream. Belch.

The rest of the weekend involved doing all the little changes on the map site, doing the front office and some (but not all) back office changes on a journo site, doing the start of the support structure on the Huge Intranet Project, and various other work bits and pieces. Things are manic right now.

And more West Wing – we’re about half way through series 3 now.

keeping the cupboards stocked

Ever since I (literally) went bankrupt, and didn’t know quite know where the next meals were coming from for a while, I’ve been almost obsessive about keeping cupboards and freezers full. We could live for at least two months, probably longer, with what I have stocked away.

Which meant that this morning, when it is so bloody cold in here, I could decant some crumpets from the freezer for breakfast; we have just consumed them, and they were most excellent.

And I had a rummage in the veg drawer – 10 minutes with the veg brush and the Magimix, and a pan of chicken and barley is on the stove for lunch. The chicken stock was in a pan already, waiting to go away for soup for *next* week. The carrots, leek and courgette were swiftly pulverised, saute’d down for 10 minutes in some oil, then lobbed in the soup vat with the stock and some barley from the pulse cupboard. A bit of shredded chicken from the breast left from last Sunday’s dinner was bunged in too. There will be soooop for lunch.

bitsa lunch

We had a bag of salad leaves from Riverford this week. Neither perlmonger nor I are especially fond of salad; it always seems too much effort for little reward. However, we also have three mozzarellae which need eating (bought a tub full at Costco the other week). And so, today’s lunch:

1 packet pancetta cubes, gently fried in olive oil with a couple of cloves of garlic
3 salad onions, chopped
1/4 cucumber, diced
1 mozzarella, chopped
1 bag salad leaves, torn and destalked
1 can chickpeas
juice of half a lemon
some soy sauce
mixed seeds

Mix ’em all together. Eat. Delicious.