Valentine cards

valentines day

I don’t much care for Valentine’s Day; to me, it seems horrible, commercialised schmaltz, and can be horribly painful for those on their own. I don’t really like “Hallmark Holidays”, and 14 Feb seems the worst, when people spend an extra 50%+ on a bunch of roses, or book a restaurant with an inflated menu, but I guess I’m just an old curmudgeon.

However, I enjoy a good laugh as much as the next person, particularly if I’m on the right end of it, and I’m reminded of a stunt I pulled many years ago – probably getting on for ten years now. A friend of mine was living in North Wales, and complained that he wouldn’t get any Valentine cards. So I bought about a dozen, mailed them off to a number of female friends living all over the UK, who filled them in, and posted them to him in Wales, all anonymously.

Readers, he was thrilled. He really was. No scent of a rat was detected. I actually can’t remember if I ever told him, but I certainly didn’t at the time. It brightened up his day considerably 🙂