how kind of SWEB …

to schedule an unscheduled test of our new UPS rigs yesterday evening. It all worked exactly as it should, and it was quite odd to sit here with my machine going, the comms stack working, and a lamp on, listening to the frantic beeping from the batteries.

perlmonger was in the local offy when it happened, and had to pick out bottles of wine by torchlight. Very romantic.

oh dear

we are configuring up yet another web server, for a client, which means still more SSH terminal windows.

and I have discovered the joy of different coloured ones, so I can hopefully remember which bloody server I’m using. I currently have black, orange, purple and pale pink.

pastel geek – very chic 🙂


orange changed to blue – it was just too icky (sort of tangeriney shade)

this weekend …

I have been mostly writing code. Not for clients, but for myself.

for a long time, I’ve wanted a way to track the recipes I use – I have a lot of cookbooks, loads of URLs file away, and can never find what I want. I also wanted a way to look through my recipe resources for given ingredients.

I know there are software products about that do this, but none of them did what I want, so I’ve been meaning to write one for *ages*.

and yesterday I made a start on it – I have ColdFusion talking to Amazon’s web services, and pulling data straight onto web pages, I’ve adapted some code we had to do the tagging thing, and I’m extremely pleased with myself (preens).

it’ll be a long time before it sees the light of day – there’s a lot more to do, lots of data to enter, and £920* odd to find to upgrade our ColdFusion to the latest version . But it must be done, and so I’m writing this stuff as a sort of test case; parsing the Amazon API stuff would be a hideous nightmare in our version of CF.

* or about £740 if you bought it direct from Macromedia US. But they won’t allow you to if you’re in the UK. Bastards.

what I haven’t done this weekend is what I should have been doing, i.e. doing some Extreme Housework before kalunina comes to stay – briefly – on Thursday, before we all trundle up to geoffcampbell‘s for the bank holiday weekend. And I have a load of stuff to do work-wise this week.

it’s probably extremely sad that I’d rather code than go out and enjoy the sunshine …