I went down to Nailsea this morning, to complain about my glasses. I bought a “two pairs for the price of one” [1] offer last May, and one pair were light sensitive. And they no longer were, so I took them down to SpecSavers to complain.

except – oh the shame – I hadn’t bought them from there at all. They were an old pair, in a frame they never sold, and a a weaker prescription. When I got home, after much embarassment, and profuse apologies, I had a proper rummage through the shelves by the front door and there were the proper ones, nicely darkened. Sigh.

on the bright side of the trip, we discovered that the greengrocer in Nailsea is selling an organic veg box for a tenner, with a really nice range of fruit and veg in it. That and some extras cost us about thirteen quid – given that the Riverford fruit and veg box is about twelve quid, and doesn’t have the range, I think we’ll be moving to Burchills.

[1]yes I know it’s a con, really