We decided to let Ron and Henry out into the garden yesterday – it’s been getting more and more difficult for us to get in and out, as they were so anxious to make their acquaintance with the great outdoors.

Interestingly, Henry (who seems far more mature and sensible than his twin brother) was quite cautious, and remained in the doorway for a while, but Ron just went for it. “Out!”, you could see his little brain think, and he was off – in between the pots, under the table, chomping at things. But neither of them went further than the patio yesterday, and when we went indoors and left them to it, they would come rushing up to the door and chirp, to make sure that we were still there.

This morning things were a bit different; Ron hurtled down to the end of the garden, and seemed totally unphased by it all. Lovely to watch them in all that new sensory experience 🙂

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elemental shower curtainWe have a rather whizzy shower curtain, with all the elements listed on it. It’s not hugely expensive in the scheme of things, but we’ve only had it a few months, and I’d like it to last a bit longer yet, thankyouverymuch.

So this morning, I was not amused to find Ron and Henry in the bath, one on either side of the curtain, thwipping at each other with their sharp needly claws. The wretched curtain has holes in it now.

Kitten soup, I swear …

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yes we can

Henry and Ron grow by the day, and their exploits know no bounds. Ron is still the runty one, so it took him about two weeks longer than Henry to work out how to get on to the kitchen worktops; as this is where we have been putting the big cats’ meals, there is an element of being not very impressed *at all* by this amongst the older members of the Tribe.

At the weekend, I misplaced my keys – it caused me a great deal of angst, as there were two front door keys, two back door keys, and a USB stick on the ring. We searched high and low, but no sign, and I felt sure they were gone for good. On Monday morning, I found them down beside the washing machine, where I suspect small kittin paws had thwipped them. I threatened EnRon with kitten soup.

We make a lot of soup here, and we make it in a huge saucepan which lives on the top of our huge American fridge. Yesterday, believe it or not, I found Ron sitting in it, for all the world as though he was waiting to be turned into nourishing soup 🙂 The world is his lobster now he can leave the kitchen floor behind …

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it was only a matter of time, I guess

I just went into the living room, to find Henry seemingly fast asleep on the turntable (which is catcam #6, for those who are interested), and Ron seemingly fast asleep on the back of the sofa.

So who, I wonder, was responsible for the veritable ocean of tissues which had been removed from the empty box? Thankfully, they hadn’t been shredded; presumably Orpheus overtook EnRon before that task began …

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