ding dong

do I *look* like a home storage and delivery service?

so far this morning, we have had a chap knock on the door with a box containing wine from Virgin Wines – this for no 19. Why they can’t do what we do, and support the local off-licence (which is very, very good) I have no idea.

we’ve also had ANC deliver a box for no 22 – no idea what’s in it, but it’s marked as fragile.

we are going out this evening, so I shall have to keep nipping (or popping) out to check when these people are home. And cardboard boxes in this house tend to get widdled on by cats, so these deliveries are currently in front of the freezer in the shed, meaning I can’t get to it.

I’ve often thought that there might be some mileage in somebody starting a home collect service that worked in the evenings – delivery to a local depot, then the punter could go and pick stuff up. But I suppose there would be problems with credit card authorisation and stuff. If it were that good an idea, I guess someone would have done it.

in the meantime, could somebody move those boxes for me?