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I did the kitchen drawers, Removed everything from them, washed the drawers, the cutlery trays, and the contents. Have a box of Stuff to go to the charity shop; many different jar openers that don’t open jars, that kind of thing.

It all took a surprisingly long time, but I’m pleased it’s done.

perlmonger cooked us stir fried chard for supper, then we had more of the hot cross buns.

Not a good night’s sleep -I was awoken at 00:15 by an AA truck, whose driver parked up blocking our (narrow) road, and left his (very loud) engine running for about half an hour, while he did … something to a car down the road. Took me ages to get back to sleep, and when I did, some young people woke me again having a drunken row outside.

Yawn …

a merry Good Friday to you all

I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to four days of doing what I want – I might do some work for clients, I might do some work for our sites, I might do NO WORK AT ALL if that’s what I feel like.

I plan to sort out the pulse cupboard – rice and lentils and nice and so forth. Oddments of packets and all that sort of stuff; I have lots of jars in readiness. I also want to do some spring cleaning type stuff, and maybe some gardening if the weather is good enough.

In the meantime, the Roomba is vacuuming the hall, I have hot cross buns rising ready for the oven, and last night I made my first moussaka evah – and it was gorgeous.

Have a good Easter break, everyone.

weekend 7/8/9/ march 08

Friday night started with the always excellent Phil Beer and Miranda Sykes at the compact and bijou Nailsea Folk Club. A stonking set, enjoyable as always.

Saturday I nipped (or popped) up to the farm shop, and bought 1 orange, pork, dried apricots to make supper for self and frends. I wanted leg of pork, but they didn’t have any; the butcher asked what I was going to do with it, and when I said “casserole” he produced masses of offcuts and charged me 6 quid. We got 9 generous servings out of it, so that was pretty good! I did pork with apricots and pears, followed by molten chocolate puddings. Spent the afternoon cooking that lot, plus a banana bread, as we had some bananas going over.

Nice evening with Pat’n’Dave WANOLJ.

Sunday I steamcleaned the bathroom and most of the tiles, especially the grouting. Then I put a market stall’s worth of veg through the food processor for later cooking, and constructed an excellent fry up of chipolatas, black pudding, field mushrooms, fried potato, bacon from a friend in Moray, fried egg and baked beans. Then we watched the first 4 episode of West Wing, while consuming tea and banana cake, and groaning due to overindulgence. After that, we turned some of the veg, together with 4lbs of Dexter mince, into bolognese sauce. The plan to make soup from the rest, and some duck stock from last weekend, had to wait, as the soup pan had been pressed into service for the bol.

Supper consisted of crispbread with Port Salut, and another chocolate pudding (there was some left over, you see, and it would have been criminal to waste it), and another 2 episodes of WW. Which is just as good as I remember it.

Nice weekend, feel better now.


I continued the cleaning jag. Cleared out the shelves in the kitchen – the ones that are in the corner beside the fridge, and behind the bin, so hardly get looked at. Emptied out many many bottles of beer that was *years* past its sell by date.

Removed guff from kitchen floor, set Roomba going, took empty beer bottles and other assorted junk to the tip. Came back via Bedminster, called into opticians to get new glasses adjusted. How come they’re always fine when you leave the optician, then immediately become too loose?

Popped into Asda and bought assorted plastic boxes, things for the organising of. And turkey mince for Iggy – he is very fond of it, and so must have it. Tried their self-scanning checkout. Gave up in despair as it is so slow.

Came home, sorted herbs and spices into small baskets, and spare herbs and spices into large baskets. Washed kitchen floor. Cooked small (by our standards) fry up – bacon, black pudding, mushrooms, beans, fried egg, accompanied by toasted soda farls.

Slobbed for the rest of the afternoon – some crap television, then a long soak in the bath. Then off to the Legion for the monthly pub quiz. No, we didn’t win.