After the success of the Roomba, I went mad and ordered a Domotec steam mop – it’s wonderful for doing the kitchen floors, but today I had a proper “go” with it. It was just good to get away from computers and other assorted stress.

I did the patio doors and the kitchen windows – there’s a knack to use it on glass, but I think I’ve got it now. I did the cooker which, if I’m honest, I must confess to have been disgusting. It isn’t now. I mopped down the cupboard doors, and the fridge/freezer, and the dishwasher. Then I came to my senses, and went and sat down with a cup of tea.

But not before I did something quite extraordinary.

[green] the hoovering

The reason I asked about the frequency of hoovering in this post is because …

Well, we used to be of the “lets invite someone round, then the vacuuming might actually get done” school of thought. I loathe housework, and hoovering is one of the worst things. It does my back in, and 24 hours after you’ve done it, it wants doing again.

But now … now, I LOVE IT. And this is why