are you looking at my bird?

Iggy looking mournful
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Next door is having their extension refettled – this is an irritating process, given we work in the room just above where it’s being done, but no matter. Steve the builder is fascinated by the cats, and the other day when I went out, he said “that golden one’s caught a bird”.

This seemed unlikely, to be honest – Iggy has never been much of a one for hunting, and he’s a bit of a creaky old man these days, but Steve the builder was emphatic. And indeed, Iggy was under the patio table with an unfortunate ex-bird. Apparently he moved “very quickly”.

Having caught the bird, he didn’t seem quite sure what to do next. No matter, really, as the thieving Ron nicked it out from under Iggy’s paws, and had it away on his toes.

Not really the sort of behaviour we would wish for, you might think, and you’d be right. Ron scampered around the garden with it firmly clenched in his jaws for a bit, while we failed to retrieve it (as usual). Eventually he reappeared without it, so we assume it was scoffed.

He really is a dreadful beast.

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Henry, Mustrum and Iggy

We bought a cheap little camera in town yesterday, a Pentax M50, to keep downstairs – this is the first video, which didn’t come out too bad at all.

Henry likes to chase the shadow of his tail – he does this a lot, for a very long time usually. Except, it seems, when there’s a camera about. But there’s some nice footage of Mustrum, who is a very fine cat indeed, and some of Iggy too.

The “red or green” question, incidentally, was to do with what colour of chilli was wanted for the tomato sauce for supper.

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Iggy on the shelves

Iggy on the shelves
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any sort of DIY is enhanced by the presence of cats in the house, we find.

yesterday’s task was to put up a nice Ikea corner unit in the hall, so that we had somewhere to put all the clutter of cameras, chargers, phones, etc. Pete got it all assembled, and then informed me that we had a problem … and indeed we did, as you can see 🙂

like a hole in the head …

Iggy looking mournful
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Iggy has an abscess in his left cheek. A *huge* abscess.

so far we have done three trips to the vet, including one this morning (thus paying Sunday rates, and missing Ivor B’s (WINOLJ) birthday party.

and there’s be another trip on Wednesday, and possibly another after that.

he’s feeling very sorry for himself this afternoon, and is following us round the house, raouling in a mournful manner. I hope the poor chap feels better soon.