natural disasters in a civilised nation

the more I read about the appalling situation in New Orleans, the more depressed I become. This article from The Guardian gives some background into the lack of funding, and what seems to be deliberate and reckless disregard for the views of experts in the field.

it’s all been said before, and probably better, but this is the richest nation in the world, FFS – they failed to protect their citizens before the hurricane, and they are failing them still. People who survived the hurricane and floods are now dying from dehydration and disease. Bodies are lying in the streets, in the water. People are being shot for trying to get drinking water.

it seems that the police are joining the looters. There is no command and control. From the other side, ambulances and rescue helicopters and hospital supply lorries are being shot at and prevented from doing their job. Rape and murder seem to be happening all over. The rescue services are too scared to deliver what is needed.

my heart goes out to those trapped in the city, but the descent into anarchy has been frighteningly swift.

I don’t remember reading any tales of similar behaviour in December when the tsunami hit South East Asia …