I Aten't Dead

down the barrel of the cannon
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I’ve been in Edinburgh for a few days, though, and extremely fab it was too. Gorgeous, civilised city – I forgot how much I missed it. Full and extremely boring account to follow in a day or so. 53 photos here.

in other news, I appear to have been elected to the Executive of North Somerset Liberal Democrats, and am an official delegate to conference – should be fun. perlmonger wil have to stay home and mind the cats, and man the phones.

more assimilation

well, we took ourselves off to see Ming Campbell speak at the Bristol City ground on Friday night. He had a nasty cough, and looked tired but, as I suspected, he has my vote for Libdem leader. I’ve never liked Sim Hughes, and I don’t know anything about Chris Who?ne.

we had an e-mail from one of the local LD suspects this morning mentioning – yet again – the local area annual dinner on Saturday. We’ve decided to go, so I mailed him back and copied it to the indefatigable Angela, with the prediction that she would be around within the hour to collect the £31.00 it would cost for two tickets.

I did her an injustice – it took her 2.5 hours 🙂 And I found myself volunteering to help set up on Saturday afternoon …

they have a point …

from a letter in today’s Times

“Sir, Alcoholics, like other addicts, are dishonest, manipulative and scheming. Are these not the exact qualities required to be a successful party leader these days?”


“Sir, Leading the Liberal Democrats as a reforming alcoholic should be no problem. After all, we have a reformed one running the world’s only superpower.”