Henry, Mustrum and Iggy

We bought a cheap little camera in town yesterday, a Pentax M50, to keep downstairs – this is the first video, which didn’t come out too bad at all.

Henry likes to chase the shadow of his tail – he does this a lot, for a very long time usually. Except, it seems, when there’s a camera about. But there’s some nice footage of Mustrum, who is a very fine cat indeed, and some of Iggy too.

The “red or green” question, incidentally, was to do with what colour of chilli was wanted for the tomato sauce for supper.

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having his evil way

Mustrum and Henry

Mustrum used to have an unfortunate tendency to, er, press his affections on our late and much lamented Moo. Although she wasn’t keen, she never stopped him, and he has never really come to understand that he’s been neutered.

He appears to have transferred his affections to Henry now, who seems equally submissive, if a tad wild-eyed, as can bee seen in the photograph. It’s all very odd, really

Originally published at the Tribe.

alas, poor blackbird

the mighty hunter

Mustrum came in through the study window this evening with a blackbird in his jaws. It was, sadly, deceased.

It’s very unusual for him to catch anything, or at least to bring it home – he’s quite indolent, really. Although he has been a little bit out of sorts for a week or so, to the point where we were discussing a visit to Vim the Vet, just in case, so perhaps he is proving that he’s actually fine.

I do hope it’s not the Mr Blackbird from the Mr and Mrs Blackbird who have been around the front gardens for literally years, building their nest in one of next door’s shrubs. They seem to be a devoted couple, so that would be very sad./

Originally published at the Tribe.