better [posted] late than never.

on Friday we set off not quite as bright and early as I’d have liked, but at 11 a.m., which is not bad for us, really, especially as Clients kept phoning. One of them reminded perlmonger quite forcefully of a deadline which had crept up on him for this Thursday …

anyway, off we trundled to Norwich – a journey which we estimated would take us 4.5 hours. No – 5.5 hours. Passing captainblue territory en route, we arrived just in time to check into the hotel* then go straight out for an early supper with kalunina, her other half Stuart, and his children Chris and Ellie, at Captain Americas, a burger bar in central Norwich.

Saturday saw us shopping in Norwich – I bought a Hat (it deserves the capitalisation), Pete got a belt with the shipping forecast areas on it, and we bought kalunina a set of digital scales and some gingerbread cutters – you can tell that she’s spending time with children 🙂 We also picked up the Wallace and Gromit DVDs as a present for the children. Supper was a takeaway from somewhere called Planet Wok, which was very good.

we had to leave fairly promptly on Sunday morning, due to the aforementioned deadline, but it was a very nice weekend, and good to meet Stuart, Chris and Ellie.

*the hotel? Just don’t – *don’t* – ever stay at the “Quality” Hotel in Bowthorpe, Norwich. It’s utterly vile. And as they were foolish enough to send me an e-mailed questionnaire this morning, I’ve told them so. And they wanted *six pounds* for 30 minutes of wireless internet access – FFS …