what's all this shouting?

went to see The League of Gentlemen live show at the Bristol Hippodrome last night – utterly fab. I don’t think they missed out any of the characters, and Hilary Briss in a spangled apron was a sight to behold. Very efficient stage crew who managed all the set and costume changes without a hitch, and the League themselves must have been exhausted by the end.

the first half is loosely – very loosely – based around Legs Akimbo organising a nativity play, and the second is a pantomime (hence the sparkly costumes).

the audience were in a mood to enjoy, and even perlmonger was seen indulging in audience participation. We were accompanied by agc and kalunina, and a very good time was had by all.

I imagine it’s sold out everywhere, but if you’re a fan, and they’re anywhere near you, it’s well worth the ticket price