This blog has been online since [boggle] 2002, which has come as a bit of a surprise to me, I can tell you – can’t believe I’ve been wibbling here, on and off for getting on for fifteen years!

I’m in the process of giving the site a makeover, so apologies if things don’t work very well on a temporary basis.

The header image is cropped from a photograph I took (with an iPhone!) at Spurn Head in January 2016. The full image is below. Spurn is one of my favourite places in the whole world. Except that Yorkshire Wildlife Trust are trying to wreck it with visitors’ areas, and car parks, and experiences, while painting double yellow lines down the only access road, which means that the residents of Kilnsea will have nowhere for themselves and their visitors to park. Ho hum.

Spurn Point January 2016

The secret life of the ladies' loos

light path I took this in the Ladies toilets at the Lincoln Collection, a rather splendid museum. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such nice loos outside of posh hotels!

This post is really to test a) the x-posting from my new WordPress site, and b) the Flickr widget plugged therein.

Edit: and I don’t like the way it styles and lightboxes the image, so I’ve changed it to an old-fashioned link.

signs of autumn

signs of autumn
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this weekend is geoffcampbell‘s annual Summer Camp, a gathering of bikers, bofhen, and friends; it’s one of our absolutely favourite weekends of the year, and heralds the end of the summer for me.

stalking Iggy round the garden with the camera this lunchtime (without much success in terms of good photographs), I noticed that the Virginia Creeper we planted to cover up the hideous pebbledash on the shed is just starting to turn. And there’s a nip in the air morning and evening. Autumn seems to be arriving a little earlier this year, and that suits me fine.