I bought a treadmill in February – just a cheap and cheerful one from eBay, to see if I’d use it. And I used it so much that I bought a much better one in March. The Proform 900 weighs a ton, and was originally bought in 1996; it did programs and incline and so forth, and I loved it to bits, and it has assisted me in getting to my lowest weight in *years*.

But now it is almost dead, and we cannot work out why. Only two buttons on its console work – one of them sets the speed to 3.2km per hour, and the other to 16km (so I don’t press that). No incline, no other speed adjustments. I shall buy another next week, because it is making me really so much fitter, apart from the weight thing.

Anyhoo, I normally try to do 5km on it, at a fairly high incline, as that burns a lot of calories. But no incline, remember? So I fired up the Get Running app on my phone, and thought I’d restart it. Week 4 was 16 minutes of running, broken into 3 / 5 / 3 / 5 with walking intervals in between. And I wasn’t really even out of breath (although, to be fair, it was at 3.2km per hour). So I thought I’d see what I could do, and I ran a whole additional kilometre without stopping!

Well, *I* was impressed 🙂