very odd

it feels cold. The thermomomomomomometer outside says it’s -2˚ C. But there’s *no frost*, so presumably it’s very dry. And bloody cold, with a cold wind which, according to my weather gadget, is 16 kph from the North Eeast [sic], and taking the windchill to -7˚. Brrr.

however, on the upside, I have my Paul Buchanan tickets for 27th May. In *Glasgow*. Better go book some flights …

it's a gorgeous day out there

lovely and sunny. I was good, and hung the laundry out at 9 a.m.

went out to check it a few moments ago, and it’s still as damp as when it went out, with the added bonus that it’s actually cold as well.

I hadn’t realised just how nippy it was until I noticed the birdbath – it still has a 1/2″ layer of ice in it, despite having been in the sun.

the laundry is now in the tumble dryer, and I’m back in the warm.