well, that was a nice one. perlmonger nobly volunteered to do the veg shopping yesterday, so I slobbed in front of the computer, writing code for *me* … yes, the recipe database is well on its way, and I think I might have a plan as cunning as a weasel to find a CF7 server to host it on (ours won’t be ready for a month or two).

somehow, Pete managed not to get to the greengrocer – I can’t blame him, I wouldn’t have gone either, as it was tipping it down. So we hurtled over to Asda at about 6.45 to get some bits, came back and Pete returned to his javascript problems, while I cooked dinner – prawns, shitake mushrooms, ginger, garlic, lemongrass, chili, fresh basil, oyster sauce, rice wine, served with noodles. We both drank rather more wine that we probably should have – not lots, but enough to leave me with a slight hangover this morning. Self inflicted wounds, no sympathy 🙂

this morning, I had a long soak in the bath, then we sallied forth to St Marks to do the veggie shopping, and had an excellent lunch in Maitreya – wild mushroom and gruyere omelette, with some of the best chips I’ve had in a long time. Then nipped (or popped, if you prefer) to Park Street, to get a new mySQL book, as something untoward (and feline) happened to ours last night. Waterstone’s had nothing suitable, so we decided to wander up to Blackwells. Unfortunately this meant going past Fopps, but we did quite well; just 3 CDs (Throbbing Gristle, Nitin Sawhney, Beck), and the Bill Bailey live DVD. Oh – there were four books purchased from Waterstones too, including Jonathan Strange and Mr Norell at £3.99 and on a 3 for 2 offer. I’ve been meaning to read it for ages, so I’m quite pleased with that.

now, perlmonger has buggered off to the gym, for the first time in three weeks. I’m going to go and slump in front of some rubbish tv for a bit, then turn 4 lbs of Dexter stewing steak into beef in beer.

Monday tomorrow … can hardly wait